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Published Papers

Clement, W. L, K. T. Elliott, O. Cordova-Hoyos, I. Distefano, K. Kearns, R. Kumar, A. Leto, J. Tumaliuan, L. Franchetti, E. Kulesza, N. Tineo, P. Mendes, K. Roth, and J. M. Osborn. 2018. Tasting the Tree of Life: Development of a Collaborative, Cross-campus, Science outreach Meal Event.  Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education. 19(1; themed issue on “Science Communication”): doi:10.1128/jmbe.v19i1.1408.  View Article (online)

Conference Presentations

Tasting the Tree of Life: A Collaborative, Campus-wide, Science Communication and Meal Event.  Botany 2017 – Annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America and six other plant biology societies, Fort Worth, TX.  (W. L. Clement, K. T. Elliott, O. Cordova-Hoyos, I. Distefano, K. Kearns, R. Kumar, A. Leto, J. Tumaliuan, L. Franchetti, P. Mendes, K. Roth, and J. M. Osborn).  View Abstract

Building Partnerships with Academic Affairs through Themed Meals. National Association of College & University Food Services, 2018 National Conference, Providence, RI. (K. Roth, P. Mendes, and J. M. Osborn). View Abstract


Tasting the Tree of Life:  Exploring Biodiversity through Cuisine.  In:  Symposium on “Creative Approaches to Presenting the Microbial World.”  American Society for Microbiology – Microbe 2018, Atlanta, GA.  (K.T. Elliott).  View Symposium Overview.  Kathryn (KT) Elliott about science communication.