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This unique event is a collaboration of TCNJ’s School of Science, Department of Biology, and Dining Services.  Tasting the Tree of Life would not have been possible without the creative ideas, significant work, and passion of many people and offices.


Tasting the Tree of Life Scientific Planning Committee

Wendy Clement, Chair, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

KT Elliott, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Jeffrey Osborn, Dean, School of Science

Okxana Cordova-Hoyos, senior Biology major

Izzy Distefano, senior Biology major

Kate Kearns, senior Biology major

Raagni Kumar, senior Biology major

Ashley Leto, senior Biology major

Janis Tumaliuan, senior Biology major

TCNJ Dining Services Partners

Jennifer Armstrong-Ekelmann, Resident Dining Manager

Kevin Campbell, Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Franchetti, Executive Chef – Resident Dining

Dominique Medler

Patrice Mendes, General Manager

Karen Roth, Director of Culinary and Contract Services

Web Design

Elizabeth Davis, senior Computer Science and Interactive Multimedia major

Matthew Winkel, Communications Officer and Senior Web Architect

Graphic Design

Rebecca Goetz, Design Specialist

Nicholas Rapagna, senior Student Designer

Alex Piwtoratsky, senior Student Designer

Megan Hyjack, sophomore Student Designer

Kelly Ganning, sophomore Student Designer

Julie McLaughlin, Illustrator


Emily Dodd, Digital Content Editor

Emily Laskey, junior student assistant and writer, School of Science

Allison Marcino, junior student assistant and writer, School of Science

Gem Perkins, School of Science Office Manager

Luke Sacks, Head Media Relations Officer


Lauren Adams, Photographer/Videographer

Ryan Laux, senior Student Videographer

Chris Lundy, senior Student Videographer

Tree of Life Gallery

Evelyn Kulesza, sophomore Biology major

Nicole Tineo, sophomore Biology major

Field Guides

Evan Abernethy

Maria Badilla

Sandra Baskharo

Parika Chauhan

Allie Clapp

Okxana Cordova

Dana Daly

Izzy Distefano

Emily George

Madhu Gundlapally

Thomas Gunning

Sabhya Gupta

Jessica Hwang

Deval Jhaveri

Labeeqa Khizir

Evelyn Kulesza

Raagni Kumar

Erica Levin

Ashley Leto 

Niha Mamillapalli

Megan Mcphee

Catherine Metcalfe

Ariel Moskowitz

Dale Oommen

Shrey Patel

Karandeep Randhawa

Vaishali Ravikumar

Ruth Sanchez

Nisha Sanghani

Reema Shah

Andie Shea

TJ Stammer

Kanza Tahir

Nicole Tineo

Janis Tumaliuan

Jake Veliky

Mike Wolek